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  • My hub pc, an XP machine, is showing one of my Vista machines as not haign the firewall and antivirus turned on, so the icon goes red. When I check the problem at the Vista PC, a Dell inspiron laptop, I see that the icon is green and the firewall and antivirus are on. When I check my other Vista machine (the third machine in the circle) it shows a green icon. The XP (hub) machine shows the second Vista machine as working fine. It's just the one Vista machine. Any ideas why the XP machine and the one Vista machine are communicating and the other Vista machine is not? By the way, the Vista machine that is NOT seeming to communicate is the newer machine. I had to take an old XP laptop off of the circle to add it.  The removal of the old laptop went through and for a month or so the XP hub and the new Vista machine were communicating OK. Another note is that the Vista machine can share a printer through the old, XP hub, so I know that the network is up and running. Both Vista machines can share printers with the XP/hub. The network is fine, it's the Onecare that's not working between two of the computers.
    Monday, October 13, 2008 3:20 AM