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  • to whom,

    I am writing a dialog and I would like one task to be created once the first task is marked as complete.  I have an IF statement but I am not sure that it is in the correct place.  

    The first task works perfectly.  But, when I mark it complete, nothing happens.

    Can someone look at the screen capture and give me some thoughts?  This is saved as an 'on demand' workflow.  I don't know if that makes a difference.

    Wednesday, December 28, 2011 4:28 PM

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  • Try to create a new workflow (not dialog) to complete your actions on your tasks.

    The workflow will be triggered by create or update (on specific fields) on the task entity.

    Wednesday, December 28, 2011 9:04 PM
  • Julien,

    Thanks for the note.  I will give that a try.


    Wednesday, December 28, 2011 9:12 PM
  • Julien,

    I have tried to create the workflow but I cannot pull the information that I created in the Prompt and Response steps to that workflow.  I read online that  I can pass variables to a child dialog but not a workflow.  I would like to pull the information stored into a second activity that would be created once the first one is marked complete.

    Thoughts on how to go about this?


    Thursday, December 29, 2011 1:58 PM
  • Store your informations settted in the dialog in custom fields of the task entiy (after first creation).

    When the workflow that's checking the task is completed, you can access at all informations from the dialog.

    Thursday, December 29, 2011 2:07 PM
  • You can work with a wait condition in your dialog after your first task creation. Wait for task created status = inactive. After that work with your If clause.
    Carsten Groth http://carstengroth.wordpress.com
    Thursday, December 29, 2011 2:17 PM
  • Carson,

    Unfortunately, the dialogs don't have a Wait condition.  

    Can I use the Check Condition step?

    Ideally, when the task is marked complete, it would then create a new task, or fire a child dialog.

    Thursday, December 29, 2011 2:54 PM
  • Dialogs I believe are synchronous process i.e it does not wait for actions to complete. It is a UI driven manual process. When you create a task, you are creating an open task. The dialog creates the task and moves forward. It does not wait for the user to close the task... Now since it is only created and not closed yet, it always returns false and does not create a new activity...

    You can try the following if Dialogs permit that...

    After the task is created step, add a step to ask user if they want to close task. If user responds in positive add a change status step and mark the task completed.

    Then add the step to check task status... now if u had marked it complete it would proceed further.

    Note at no point in Dialog could you have it wait or automatically poll for changes made to record as in workflows as this is a synchronous ui driven concept and not a background process.



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