Give my PC's back Microsoft RRS feed

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  • Having experienced the horrors of deactivation due to driver changes and the pain of subsequent reactivation and then more recently having read that there is an intentional loophole in Vista's activation which has been exploited by pirates it is clear to me that the only people being inconvenienced by activation are those honest consumers who purchase Windows and use it fairly. In particular, enthusiasts like myself who constantly modify and upgrade their machines are treated to frequent deactivations requiring us to prove that we are not criminals. The clear message here is that Microsoft encourages piracy and does not value those honest users who pay good money for their products.

    In response to this I want to say to Microsoft... Give me back my PC's which you appear to have taken possession of. Get your filthy mits off my property and start treating me and your other customers with some semblance of respect.
    Wednesday, October 24, 2007 12:53 AM