Too many Bugs - Please Rollback RRS feed

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  • I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to even make this post.
    I wanted to make this post because I spent half an hour trying to find my forum, only to discover that my post from the previous forum is missing.

    A few of the issues I've encountered:
    1. Incredibly slow. As a result, I find it refreshing the screen as I'm trying to look for where I need to click.
    2. As I mouse over stuff I see things flickering in and out of visibility. Like the text for "Posted By" will go poof, then as I mouse over the top of the invisible piece, it will suddenly pop back up.
    3. Missing post as described above. This is critical because it goes to the core reason for having the system in the first place. To me it would be a showstopper, and if such a bug made it into production it would cause an immediate rollback. Until it could be resolved.
    4. The forums section contains hundreds of forums I don't care about. I care about the Dynamics AX forum. That's it. Having them all listed is contributing to the slow performance.
    5. Your top moderator and top answerer lists are annoying and seem to come and go on their own? One minute I look over and it's listing top moderators, next moment I look over it's top answerers. I should mention, that as a user who needs a question answered, I don't care about this list either. Please allow me to remove it.
    6. When I first tried to ask a question, it brought me somewhere else - no clue why. It wasn't an error page, it seemed like an account settings page of some type. I assume something was missing from my account settings so I couldn't post, but wasn't sure what. After two attempts, it finally brought me to this screen.
    7. What is with the descriptive tags? You don't expect users to actually fill those out do you? We are not your in-house tech line support people. We are customers who make you money by either buying your software, or selling your software. If you want to tag our questions, feel free. But once my question is answered, I'm done with it - and I won't be going back to look for it.
    Monday, April 27, 2009 5:23 PM


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