Fail to connect to the server on Restore RRS feed

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  • I've tried everything I can....

    My son has a Windows 7 32 bit computer. It's backing up successfully everyday but he's been downloading too many games and has finally managed to completely screw up Windows (probably some virus undetected by the anti-virus) so I need to restore an older backup.

    - I've downloaded the latest version of the Restore software

    - I've got the WHS up to date with patches. It's got pack 3.

    - Everything is running fine for backups, all healthy

    - I've recovered the drivers folder from a recent backup

    - I've loaded the drivers on the USB stick

    - I've burnt the restore software on DVD

    - I boot the computer with the restore software

    - I wait for the drivers section and ask it to scan the USB stick

    - It find the extra drivers

    - I launch the restore phase ... and

    - It fails to connect to my WHS

    - I retry, and it fails again

    - I try the manual step and give it my server name

    - It fails with a network error immediately i.e. I can't go to the next screen

    - I've tried disconnecting from the internet, didn't help

    - I tried connecting the PC and the server to each-other with an Ethernet hub, didn't help

    So I'm stuck. 


    - What else can I try?

    - Is there any kind of log I can read anywhere to see what happens?



    Sunday, December 12, 2010 4:22 AM