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  • It seems i never remember this...

    On disk 1 its my OS and movies, music and such. I now have to reinstall WHS since Im getting problems with turning the web conncetivity on under settings - made a server reinstall without luck.

    I then install WHS on disk 2 - since I dont want to loose all the music files and such.

    However when adding disk 1, it will be formated as far as I can rememeber, right?

    So is there any way to copy these files from disk 1 too disk 2? Or do I have to copy to disk 3 and then to disk 2 after WHS has been installed on that disk?

    It always confuses me this case.....
    Friday, October 17, 2008 6:24 PM


  • Pierce,

    I would do the following since you do not want to loose any material.

    I would have only the disk which you are installing WHS to connect to the server during the install. This removes any mistake of choosing the wrong hard driver or WHS formatting it. Second if you have 3 hard drives for your WHS, before the install I would move all data to one disk. After you install the OS, you will have 1 disk empty and 1 disk with your save material. Connect and import the empty disk into the WHS storage. This will give your system two hard drives in the pool. The reason I state this is keep as much data off of your system drive as possible. The final step is to connect the third hard drive. Once WHS is back up, go into disk manager and verify the disk is connected and available. It will be assigned a drive letter. At this point browse into the disk and copy your data to the WHS shares. Once all of the data is on a WHS share, you are free to import into the storage pool.

    That is it.

    Friday, October 17, 2008 9:02 PM