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  • Is there a way to bind a disk drive visible via PCIe device enumeration using one of the PCIe enumerable properties, such as the memory mapped IO address, to the WMI Win32_DiskDrive properties?

    Here is a visual of the PCIe tree using the PLX Editor (Broadcom). I hovered the mouse over the Samsung (vendor ID 0x144D) NVMe SSD located on Bus 6 of the PLX (8724) downstream port. You can see the device ID 0xA804 (the 960 model) in the box.

    PLX Editor showing an NVMe SSD (Samsung 0x144D)

    I am able to enumerate all my PCIe devices using the PLX SDK, which gives the same view as what you can see with the PLX Editor.

    Int32 iPcieDevice;
    Int32 NumDevices;
    Boolean bAddDevice;
    Boolean isPreviousSlot = false;
    PLX_PORT_PROP PortProp = new PLX_PORT_PROP();
    iPcieDevice = 0;
    NumDevices = 0;
    	// Setup for next device
    	// Check if device exists
    	int sizeStruct = Marshal.SizeOf(typeof(PLX_DEVICE_KEY));
    	rc = (PLX_STATUS_CODE)PlxApi.PlxPci_DeviceFind(ref DevKey, (UInt16)iPcieDevice);
    		// Default to add device
    		bAddDevice = true;
    		// Verify supported chip type
    		if (((DevKey.PlxChip & 0xFF00) != 0x2300) &&
    			((DevKey.PlxChip & 0xFF00) != 0x3300) &&
    			((DevKey.PlxChip & 0xFF00) != 0x8600) &&
    			((DevKey.PlxChip & 0xFF00) != 0x8700) &&
    			((DevKey.PlxChip & 0xFF00) != 0x9700))
    			bAddDevice = false;
    		// Open device to get its properties.
    		if (bAddDevice)
    } while ((rc == PLX_STATUS_CODE.PLX_STATUS_OK) && (NumDevices < PlxInit.MAX_DEVICES_TO_LIST));

    I can use WMI to show all the disk drives. `Win32_DiskDrive` does the job here. There is a nice page showing the code and output.

    string mosQuery = "SELECT * FROM Win32_DiskDrive";
    System.Management.ManagementObjectSearcher query = new System.Management.ManagementObjectSearcher(mosQuery);
    foreach (System.Management.ManagementObject mObj in query.Get())
        foreach (System.Management.PropertyData property in mObj.Properties)
            System.Console.WriteLine(property.Name + "__::" + property.Value);        

    I did notice one overlap. Hardware enumeration shows the memory mapped IO address for the PCIe device, which I also see if I use `WMI` using `Win32_DeviceMemoryAddress`. Sadly, I do not see any overlap in properties between Win32_DiskDrive and the properties with Win32_DeviceMemoryAddress.

    I know that WMI can get complicated using searches and ACCESSOROF and the like. I am a beginner with WMI, so I might just be missing things.

    How do I get the Win32_DeviceMemoryAddress from Win32_DiskDrive or vice-versa?

    I am thinking that there is a nice multi-depth WMI search, where the output of one search pipes into another search. I presume that there are many possible answers using different methods. I just need to go from point A to point B, namely equating the hardware node (which the obvious here is the memory mapped IO address) to the Win32_DiskDrive. 

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