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  • 1. Have a button which will toggle between horizontal scrolling or line-wrapping.

    2. Have a "Copy Code" button.

    Poshcode has got the wrap toggle, so it can't be so hard.  It would be a great compromise between those who hate the new horizontal scroll bar (Myself, and many others), and those who love it (unkown number + the people whose idea it was).

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  • Also, if we started to type and clicked code block button later, don't remove carriage returns from that block.

    Also, in the normal code somehow it seems to be complex to enter carriage return. Say, recently I was typing

    1. One

    2. Two

    3. Three

    and the end-result was without carriage returns. I had to manually insert <br/> into the HTML. Surprisingly it worked fine now.

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