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  • I am the victim of a pirate copy of windows.  I have tried for 2 months to resolve this with the manufacturer of my Lap Top.  HP,  with no help at all.  I have at least 30 E Mails to and from Customer support.  All efforts to contact Micro soft have failed to get a response.  The last E Mail from HP support offered a web site on You Tube to defeat the Not Geniune Report on My computor.  I am not just annoyed but Furious at this.  Due to HP information, trying to change windows to language that I xcan read and use has ended in total frustration.  Trying to report this to Microsoft has been almost impossible.

    I have a new laptop purchased in Brazil where i now live. I purchased this machine here, asked for windows to be in ENGLISH. It arrived with Portuguese.  THe manufacturer will not help, both USA and Brazil. I am now told that this machine may not support the English Version. But I am constantly akes  to Buy the Geniune item.  This was paid for at the time of Purchase of this Black box of NUTS and BOLTS from HP,  Why do I have to Pay again for Windows.  Im in this problem DUE to there advice and Help.

    Is there Any one at Micro soft that actually cares to respond or help, Or are you happy to let these fake items to be used and recomended by a Maufacturer!


    Thursday, September 30, 2010 10:52 PM