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    Call me a little nutty, But I have been saving music and movies on a server for a some time now. I store as full ISO's meaning I do not strip any information on the disc. Everything is exactly the way it should be. I do this so I have a pure digital copy of a movie or cd. I use the discs in my job as an Audio/video sales person for a electronics retailer. I have had over the years many of my favorite discs destroyed from scratches and abuse by my employees. No matter how often you ask them to be care etc. I always end up with unrepairable media. So at some point in the past I decided I wanted to just store them as an ISO. And them sitting on a server at the house. SO that no matter what happened at work I still had a perfect image. Now I understand and I do not intend to make copies of these ISO's just store them. SO my question is this..

    Is there a program or way that I can get Windows vista Ultimate media pc to recognize these iso's as media and add them to my list. Meaning if I have a super bit ISO of a movie I would like it to be added to my library when I point to the folder they are in.

    I use a small virtual drive program to mount the ISO when I want to watch it. But at this point I have to go to the folder they are stored in and right click on each disc I want and choose mount in order to watch it.

    I know that programs like mythbuntu as long as set up properly will look at each iso or the name of the ISO and fetch the information and add it to the program list.

    Is there a piece of software or instructions for or from microsoft that will allow me to do the same thing. I would like to populate a movie data base with all the movies and there cover art making it easier to search, organize and access them.

    I dont do this to share with others.. I only do this for my own pleasure and security knowing that even if a Disc I have purchased gets trashed at work. I know I can at least still watch it in the future at home.

    Does all this make sense ?

    Thanks much

    Friday, February 6, 2009 4:50 PM