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  • I have been talking with Microsoft support since 11/28/14. The problem has been with the Outlook email being locked out of my account. No matter how I tried I cannot get the password to reset. I have asked to talk with a manager. With no luck. There has to be other ways to prove that the account that is being asked for service is my account. they want info on sent email. Email address of people that email was sent to. Prior passwords that had been used in the pass for the account. I supplied what I could and no matter what I get the response that it was not enough. And now they are not responding to any questions that I have about proving that the account is mine. I offered to send them a copy of my state issued ID. No answer back from them . Microsoft customer support is the worst that I have dealt with. I also asked them to talk to some one here in the United States and they told me that it could not be done. I think that there is law that if you ask for a rep in the states they have to connect you to one.  I have the SRX number which is 1271606316. I have been using Microsoft products for over 20 years. I am even a Microsoft Partner. Which does not mean a thing to them. I depended on them for my email and now they have all my email contacts and I have no way of getting them back. Along with some email that is on the email server that is important to me. I left it on the server so I would not lose it. But because of their lack of support it is going to be lost. 

    I know a lot about customer support I was a service tech for 20 years and know all about how to get people off the phone when you cant help them.  And that is all they do. They are no help. They have you go through the same thing over and over even after being told it does not work.

    Sunday, December 14, 2014 4:07 AM


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