inserting records server side while background synchronization is executing on client side doesnt work RRS feed

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  • Hi! everybody,

    I'm new using Sync Framework, I have a problem with this scenario: I'm inserting records (i.e. 10000 insert statements) on the server side while there is a process running on the client side doing synchronization every 5 seconds, when the script with 10000 insert statements is done, I dont see that all rows are downloaded on the client side, there are only 9900 records, and the 100 missing records never download

    but if I insert records first till the script is done and then I execute the synchronization process there is no problem, I have the same records number in both sides, please could anyone recommend me something, or tell me where I can find information about a similar scenario? I'll appreciate you!!

    Im using sych fram 2.1 and sql server 2012 in server and client side and my code to sync is something like this:

     SqlConnection localConn = new SqlConnection(this.LOCAL_DB);
                    SqlConnection remoteConn = new SqlConnection(this.REMOTE_DB);

                    SyncOrchestrator syncOrchestrator = new SyncOrchestrator();

                    syncOrchestrator.LocalProvider = new SqlSyncProvider(dbScope, localConn);
                    syncOrchestrator.RemoteProvider = new SqlSyncProvider(dbScope, remoteConn);

                    syncOrchestrator.Direction = SyncDirectionOrder.Download;
     SyncOperationStatistics syncStats = syncOrchestrator.Synchronize();

    Wednesday, August 20, 2014 7:06 PM

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