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  • Scenario:  CRM 4.0 rollup 10 installed and running in DomainA, which has a trust relationship with DomainB.   Most users in this CRM are DomainB users and are accessing the system fine.  Now, we are working towards migrating the CRM 4.0 rollup 10 (they want to stay at this version for a short while) into DomainB.  Following MS KB 952934, we took the steps, exported Org_MSCRM DB from DomainA into DomainB SQL Server, used Deployment Manager to Import Org in DomainB’s CRM installation (overcame some problems), install our custom solution, etc.   Everything works fine.   This is on DomainB’s prod CRM servers.

    CRM server and application in DomainA will be used for another 10 days or so.  In 10 days, we want to shut down CRM servers in DomainA, turn on CRM servers in DomainB.


    Question:   Will it be sufficient to

    1.) export the Org_MSCRM database again from DomainA, and restore that very database backup from DomainA’s CRM’s SQLServer instance into DomainB’s SQLServer instance?


    2.) Or, will we have to:  in DomainB, delete the Org_MSCRM database, create TEMP Org again.  Again use the Deployment Manager in DomainB CRM install to import the Org_MSCRM database ?


    3.) Or, worse yet, will we have to: in Domain B, uninstall CRM 4.0, delete the MSCRM_CONFIG and Org_MSCRM databases, install CRM 4.0 with “TEMP” org, and again use the Deployment Manager in DomainB CRM install to import the Org_MSCRM database ?


    Having to do 2.) or 3.) is going to be painful....


    Thank you.



    Wednesday, November 23, 2011 2:50 AM

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  • You definitely need to do 1). But you will also need to use the Deployment Manager to import the database.

    The steps are as follows:

    1) In DomB CRM Deployment Manager, disable and then delete the organization (assuming that you have no need for it).

    2) In DomB, delete the SQL database org_mscrm  (assuming that you have no need for it). Leave MSCRM_CONFIG.

    3) Backup the SQL database in Dom A, restore to SQL Server in DomB.

    4) Import the database into DomB CRM using Deployment Manager.

    There is no need to uninstall CRM and there is no need for a temp organization. Don't touch the MSCRM_CONFIG in DomB.


    Wednesday, November 23, 2011 5:53 PM