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  • A report compiled by the Accelerating Studies Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on changing information gathering and communications, outlines the predictions of academia, video game companies, virtual-world publishers, geospatial engineering departments, and the media for Internet use and technology during the next 10 years. The report suggests that people may wear glasses that record everything around them, and there could be little difference between real-world interaction and interactions in a digital, 3D world by 2016. The report describes the Metaverse, a term previously used to describe everything from 3D virtual worlds to digital geospatial environments, as four main scenarios called augmented reality, lifelogging, virtual worlds, and mirror worlds. Augmented reality is immersive, location-aware, self-tracking technology that allows users to receive instant information about places and other subjects at any time. Lifelogging is recording daily communications, memories, and observations, creating a permanent, daily, 3D blog. Virtual worlds are areas or disciplines where the physical world and the Metaverse are still separate, allowing a great deal of the community's economic and social life to flourish and focus on issues of identity, roles, and human-human interaction. Mirror worlds are "virtual models of reality," that, like Google Earth, create digital renderings of the world, potentially layered with detailed and pertinent information. Member of the Metaverse Roadmap team and futurist Jerry Paffendorf said the report creates the scaffolding to define the space, and the objective of the report is to "connect the four areas together and try to make them make sense as mutually reinforcing."
    Wednesday, April 18, 2007 7:35 AM