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    I am installing a Spanish version of CRM 4.0 in a Windows 2003 Server x32. When the installation program updates the latest patch its found an error. This is the log file:

    17:43:22|   Info| === El registro de la rutina de instalación se inició el 28/06/2010 a las 17:43:22 ===
    17:43:22|   Info| Bootstrap version: 4.0.7333.113.
    17:43:22|   Info| User: exevi.
    17:43:22|   Info| Invoked with command line: Server\i386\SetupServer.exe
    17:43:22|   Info| Running C:\CRM Ficheros instalacion\Server\i386\SetupServer.exe
    17:43:22|   Info| Loading bootstrap library C:\CRM Ficheros instalacion\Server\i386\ServerSetup.dll
    17:43:22|   Info| Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not currently installed.
    17:43:22|   Info| Closing bootstrap library C:\CRM Ficheros instalacion\Server\i386\ServerSetup.dll
    17:43:36|   Info| Starting download from http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=94937&clcid=0xc0a
    17:43:58|   Info| Downloaded patch file:  C:\Documents and Settings\exevi\Configuración local\Archivos temporales de Internet\Content.IE5\TNGBDSER\Server_i386_ENU[1].msp
    17:43:58|   Info| Patchfile target Product code: {BC8DD950-8100-42F4-9EA9-26FCD41690AF}
    17:43:58|   Info| Patchfile target version: 4.0.7333.3
    17:43:58|   Info| Patchfile target language: 1033
    17:43:58|   Info| Patchfile target upgrade code: {20EA1269-CD24-459C-B8D7-E227D70386D9}
    17:43:58|  Error| Patch file is not valid for installing package. (packagevalidator.cpp:CWindowsInstallerPatchPackageValidator::Validate:315).
    17:43:58|   Info| Expected parameters for patchfile:
      Upgrade code - {20EA1269-CD24-459C-B8D7-E227D70386D9}
      Product code - {57C27990-DD20-4838-9437-7F3A1365D519}
      ProductLanguage - 3082
      BaseVersion - 4.0.7333.113
    17:45:25|   Info| ¿Está seguro de que desea cancelar la instalación?, Question, Yes|No
    17:45:25|   Info| InputResult: Yes
    17:45:25|   Info| === El registro de la rutina de instalación finalizó el 28/06/2010 a las 17:45:25 ===

    Downloading the patch manually from http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=94937&clcid=0xc0a I receive the English (ENU) version.

    please can anybody help me? Where can I download the Spanish one?

    Thanks in advance,


    Tuesday, June 29, 2010 5:48 AM