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  • Hi Forum,

    We are on CRM 2011 on-premise with UR18 using exchange server with email router for outlook client.

    We have support queue configured as below:

    Queue Name - Support Queue

    E-mail - Support@mycompany.com

    Convert to Email activities - All e-mail messages

    E-mail Access type  incoming - Forward Mailbox

    E-mail Access type outgoing - E-mail Router

    Our problem is, when E-mail enters the queue, our service manager assign it to individual service representative. At this stage, E-mail should leave the queue and show up in the newly assigned service representative's queue; but this is not happening. E-mail appears in both the queue and service manager has to remove all these e-mails manually from the support queue which he doesn't want to do for hundreds of emails.

    Now, we also have "Sales" queue which is configured exactly as the "Support" queue Except below setting:

    E-mail Access type  incoming - E-mail Router

    With this setting, once our sales manager assign the e-mail to individual, e-mail leaves the "Sales" queue and appears in the individual sales guy queue automatically.

    Basically, our service manager wants to replicate the behaviour of sales queue.

    At e-mail entity level we have correct settings. (Please see below image)

    My initial assumption is, this is due to the incoming email access type of "Forward Mailbox" but don't have enough explanation for this and without it I am not allowed to change this setting back to "E-mail Router".

    Is there anyone who has faced the similar situation or has a knowledge of this kind of behaviour with forward mailbox setting.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading.


    Monday, July 20, 2015 11:33 PM

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