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  • I have had the same exact problem.  I have been validating and updating as normal for the last several months.  Even as of last night in fact.  Then all of a sudden this stupid retarded box keeps popping up that says my windows is not authentic.  Well it was last week, last night even.  I'd say Microsoft has an issue with Dell because that's who loaded this unauthentic operating system on my computer. 


    Moderator- it couldn't POSSIBLY be a glitch in the Microsoft authentication process right?  Microsoft wouldn't be dense enought to publish software and updates and security patches before working out the bugs would they?  Nah, that would never happen.  More likey someone stole my computer, removed my authentic operating system and installed a counterfeit one.  Yeah.  Must be that.


    Thursday, December 27, 2007 4:18 PM


  • Hello Avalloj,


    Let’s split your thread off so we may focus more attention on your particular situation.  Splitting threads are done to mitigate confusion caused by more than one posting about similar   topics allowing us to focus on each customer individually.  Please post your question here http://forums.microsoft.com/Genuine/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=442&SiteID=25 in a new thread of your own. 

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    Please download and run the MS Genuine Diagnostic Tool utility at this link http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=52012 , then click the Windows tab, Copy to Clipboard, then paste the report into a New Post on this Forum.


    Step 2 is telling us about the COA. Tell us:

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    Stephen Holm, MS

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    Thursday, December 27, 2007 4:22 PM