Small glitches in Office Communicator, both Phone and desktop edition RRS feed

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  • Hi everyone,

    All of our users are migrated to R2, but we currently are still using an R1 mediation server.  We observe some small glitches in the behaviour of  the R2 client.  Nothing alarming or problematic, but just plain weird.

    1) OC Phone Edition, firmware 3.5.6907.9:  strange error message when transferring calls

    Scenario:   User receives a call and answers it on the Tanjay.  User transfers the call to a colleague, but BEFORE the transfer completes, places the receiver on the hook (Hangs up).  The call is forwarded correctly, but the Tanjay displays "Transfer unsuccesful".  When the user waits for the transfer to complete before ending the call, the error does not display. 

    So, everything seems to work correctly, but I wonder why the error message appears.

    2) Dragging external contacts to access levels in OC R2 ("desktop edition")

    OC set for the "Access Level" view.  A user searches for a contact located in his Outlook contacts using the search box in Office Communicator.  OC finds the contact and determines there is no presence available.  Dragging the (external) contact to the "Private" of "Public" access levels sometimes works, sometimes not.  In both cases the contact can be found when switching to the "Contact List" view.   Dragging internal users (for which a presence status is known) to an access level always works.

    Do other users experience the same things?  Are these bugs?

    Thanks for you input,
    Best Regards

    Thursday, June 11, 2009 3:45 PM