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  • I am on a hunt.  I have a brand new SwitchVox phone system.  The system is great.  I am really enjoying it.  Our company heavily uses MS CRM.  Our CRM guru is out for a while and I wanted to go ahead and get started on this. 

    Each user has a switchboard panel for there SwitchVox phone extension.  These pannels have various items on them.  Call Parking, record converstaion, whisper, ect...  (SwitchVox is a flavor of asterisk).   You can put custom API's in the switchboard for each user.  A couple of api's that came with the phone system have to do with SugarCRM and with SalesForce.  If you are a user of either othes and have things setup correctly, when a phone call comes in, the api reads the users caller ID and the callers name, it then fetchs the info for those people from Sugar or SF. 

    I would like to do this with MS CRM.  Basically the pannal has several webpages these particluarl tasks.  When a phone call comes in, it will refesh the page.  So for instance, I put www.microsoft.com in the switchboard panel.  when some one calls in, it refreshes www.microsoft.com.  Now i can put www.microsoft.com/fetchinfo?CALL_ID in the pannel.  So when a the pannel would refresh to www.microsoft.com/fetchinfo?555-555-5555. 

    Can anyone help me with what i want to do with the provided info?  Point me in the right direction?

    Tuesday, June 10, 2008 6:33 PM


  • with Asterisk.net you can get it.. I suggest to use .net webservices and crm webservices to make such application.







    Thursday, June 12, 2008 5:59 PM