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    Can we have default 100% quality on the new update **Pretty** Please or RAW format stitching if that even possible! I'd like to finish my stich then move it to LR5 and finish editing in there but JPEG sucks for editing :(

    ""Should be a link here, see Ps.""
    Stiched with ICE i'm not happy with the sky and LR5+raw would let me edit further.
    PS. excuse the google product link, if only Bing maps would do pictures "Stokes beard and says Hmmmmmmmmmm" now theres an idea.

    thank you!!

    Ps. "Body of text can't contain images or links until we have been able to verify your account". I am a Microsoft partner and Expertzone Member, doesn't outlook/Hotmail/live/msn or what ever you want to call it these days remember these details? I mean my win7/Win8/8.1/office 365/expertzone etc.. is all linked to my 2002 @Hotmail.com address. Bad form Microsoft, bad form indeed.
    i'll re-edit when you verify my account.
    Tuesday, May 20, 2014 1:20 AM