WLOC 2.0.2392.4 Reinstall Windows Live ID Issue & More RRS feed

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  • After Having a Virus/Spy Definitions update failure.

    I reinstalled everything and then had a Windows Live ID tile flood in the Windows Vista online/network password manager. It showed 10 Windows live ID tiles save causing sign in issues later with a reset IE 7 & windows Live services the servers didn't know which one to look at.

    I have the Windows Live ID sign in asstant that needed repair. and I deleted the rest of those tiles and let everything sync back up. Finally after reconfiguring WLOC after re-install I got everything back and working.

    After all that mess I got word the def update issue was a server setting config Issue.


    I surely Hope I don't have to do this again I wasted 8hrs on fixing this mess. I had to use the photo back up clean up and reselect my excluded folders. Also reset my times for tune up to run.

    You name it I had to reset and configure it back to the way I had it. I'm not happy


    Another thing I saw WLOC Circle had 4 computers running System 1 System 1 System 2 System 2


    I removed the dead ones of course but still they shouldn't of showed up.   


    Sunday, October 28, 2007 3:55 AM