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  • Hi,

    In rda pull push, I had a problem with Norton Internet security 2006. It gave an error -"Header information is either corrupted or missing".

    I found from blogs that the following was the cause:

    "This problem happens because Norton Internet Security strips off the Content-Length HTTP Header field from the HTTP messages. I have attached two snapshots to show this problem. NIS_Enabled.jpg is the snapshot of the HTTP trace information when Norton Internet Security is enabled and you can notice that Content-Length is replaced with dashes. This is something NIS does for any website, you can visit yahoo.com or msn.com from the device and you would still notice the content-length being stripped off. NIS does it because of certain content-length buffer overflow attacks that are possible. We rely on this content-length attribute while reading the HTTP data and since this attribute is missing, the client agent throws this error. "


    Any idea if this is solved with sync services.




    Thanks and regards


    Arnab C

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    You should not face that problem with OCS Sync services.


    RDA and Merge Repl have problems because they use custom format for data transport and they rely on the HTTP header information to process the data. If this data is missing or corrupted then there would be problems.


    OCS Sync Services uses standard web services for transfer of data and you should not have a problem with NIS.




    Vels (Microsoft)

    Thursday, March 29, 2007 1:49 PM