FYI: VAIL unattended install fails when a system named "SERVER" is on the same network. RRS feed

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    Was trying to install VAIL refresh on a headless MediaSmart EX475 using unattende installation from USB thumb drive as I had done succesfully several times before with VAIL preview. Installation appeared to progress as expected but the server could not be acessed after the second boot. This *is* a problem for a headless server installation. Tried the routine twice.... :-|

    Investigating this further I found my routers DHCP logging a system with the HP's MAC addres but with the name "SERVER" even though the unatted installation script (cfg.ini) specified "VAILSERVER" for the server name. Naming conflict with my WHSv1 production server?

    I remembered (just out precaution) shutting down my production server on previous VAIL installs....
    * Shut down WHSv1 named "SERVER".
    * Restarted the HP machine.
    It instantly connected and (re)started OOBE.
    No problems from there.

    Apparently the unattended installation starts with servername "SERVER", then renaming it to the name supplied through the unattended installation script in the final installation stage?

    - Theo.

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    Friday, August 20, 2010 11:59 PM