Curtain fails to disengage on Windows 7 PC after remote connection from a Windows XP Computer. RRS feed

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  • At home I have a Windows 7 64bit computer running two monitors as well as a 32" LCD TV. In my office I have a Windows XP 32bit computer with one monitor. The problem occurs when connecting to the Windows 7 computer with multiple displays from my office computer. Sometimes I will disable all the displays except one to reduce the scrolling I need to do. When I do this and disconnect, when I get home later in the day, the home computer is unresponsive. When I move the mouse i see it move across the screen on a black background but cannot get a logon screen. Ive tried pressing cntrl + alt + delete. When I don't disable the displays sometimes I can log on but one or more of my displays will still be shrouded and whenever I drag a window onto them I can't see it, however if I move only the mouse onto it it will be visible. When restarted all displays work perfectly. From this I've concluded that perhaps the curtain it puts up while remotely connected isn't being taken off properly on some of my displays. However when I don't shroud the desktop while connected and disconnect the error still occurs. Thank you all in advance for your help.
    Tuesday, January 12, 2010 4:43 PM


  • This is a bug that has been reported by others, perhaps in different variations from your setup, but one that is fairly common. I see it with Vista, Win7 and XP on occasion on some of my PCs, so find myself reluctant to use the Live Mesh RD these days! When I discover the blank desktop that I can't access, I need to remote in again and reboot to resolve it.
    I suggest that you file a bug report with your specific details:

    How to Submit Bugs and Live Mesh Logs

    Note that you may not receive a response to the bug report, though. It will be transferred to the internal system to be assigned to the appropriate development group.


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    Wednesday, January 13, 2010 2:00 PM