Been Away for 3 weeks-Now At Risk and Won't Update Virus and Spyware Protection RRS feed

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  • System: Windows XP

    Connection: Dial-Up (Proves no problem when updating, aside from the time consumption, so I highly doubt that's what the problem is)

    Windows Live One Care- Running flawlessly since January 2008.

    So, here's my situation.

    I went away to visit my relatives for 3 weeks, so nobody was at home to go on the computer to update the anti-virus/spyware. I even had to unplug my computer so the storms wouldn't fry it while I was gone.

    I come home, and of course the One Care icon was red. No big deal.

    I run the tune-up, works fine, still no problem.

    Then I tried to run my updates- definitely a problem there. No matter how much I press the update button, I restart the computer, etc; it just won't update. And you know the little list of status stuff under the Protection Plus? It says:

    Virus and Spyware - On
    Virus and Spyware Defitinitions- out of date > Checking for Updates (IT DOES THIS FOR HOURS ON END AND IT NEVER GETS IT DONE)
    (I'm too lazy to type the rest...you get the idea)

    So what am I supposed to do here? Should I just resintall it?

    And a quick question...

    It's not that difficult to install is it? I've never done it before, the guy who fixes my computer installed it from the disk and I still have it.

    Any information that will help would be great,


    Saturday, August 9, 2008 3:36 PM