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  • I've synced a folder on Computer A to Computer B. On Computer B the folder automatically appeared on the desktop without asking first. Can I cut/paste this folder to a different location on Computer B like any regular folder without screwing things up? Should I turn off Live Mesh beforehand? Anything else I should be aware of?



    Friday, March 26, 2010 2:55 AM


  • That is normal. When a new machine is added to the Mesh, all Sync folders are offered to the desktop as a light blue folder. You click the folder to set the sync settings. The default location, if you click OK is on the desktop and you cannot then move the folder. When you add a new folder to your Mesh, it will appear as a light blue shortcut on all other PCs until you change the sync settings for each PC to accept or exclude it from each PC.

    Details on how to accept the folder and/or choose a different location below.

    If you already clicked OK and the folder is dark blue and files are synchronizing to it on the desktop, you must first change the snc settings for that PC on the Live Desktop at www.mesh.com to *not* sync with that PC, wait for the folder to change to a yellow explorer folder and then change the sync settings again after moving the folder to the location you desire. Then use the Browse option to navigate to that folder when the sync folder is offered to the desktop again.


    Double clicking when it is faded light blue folder, brings you to a windows titled:

    Synchronize folder

    The text at the top of the window says "Synchronize folder with this computer."

    The name cannot be changed/

    The location is the path to your desktop folder.

    Next to this is browse.

    At the bottom of the Window is OK and Cancel.

    OK accepts the default offered location - your desktop.

    If you click OK, it will become a darker blue folder (still light blue) and it is now fixed to your desktop.

    If you click Browse, you can navigate to a folder of your choosing.

    Once you have reached that folder, click OK and accept the warning about merging with an existing folder and potential for conflicts.


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    Friday, March 26, 2010 12:21 PM