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  • I'm a student and really into programming, I'm very fluent in Java a bit of HTML and JavaScript I was looking forward to programming metro style apps in C# considering its very similar to Java.

    Since learning c# I've ran into several problems the biggest of these problems is the fact that Metro style apps use something called Retained-Mode Graphics Drawing. Coming from Java and HTML Canvas this concept is very confusing to me.

    For example most of the applications I've created in the past have used Immediate-Mode Graphics Drawing. Where I draw directly to the component using some Graphics Object by overriding some kind of paint method.

    My question is what should I use to develop metro applications when I'm looking to create applications that could be potentially drawing thousands of objects, such as games / drawing apps?

    In Java I'd simply override paintComponent() or for performance I could draw directly to an image which avoids retaining thousands of objects and drawing them every frame (very heavy weight) instead they could be drawn once.

    I'm just confused because I don't want to retain every line and rectangle I add to a Canvas. After awhile this will get very slow. Any suggestions?

    Thank you :)

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