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  • I'm sure it was not like this last time I looked, but today when I look at my Profile (in the new Preview version), and select (say) YEAR as the period in the RANKINGS table, the mouse-overs for both rank and change in rank say "This is your rank change compared to previous year." Similarly if I select MONTH or WEEK.

    While I am at it, the design of this RANKINGS table is quite terrible. Even part from its over-emphasis on the competitive aspects of the forums:

    1. Right now the ranking is displayed in its own box on the left, while the change in rank and number of points are displayed in smaller boxes on the right. Logic and aesthetics would demand that the points (the primary piece of data) be displayed in its own box on the left, while the rank and change in rank (related derived data) be placed in smaller boxes on the right.

    It would also be better if the RANKINGS header were changed to POINTS/RANKING.

    In a similar vein (though less important), on the Leaderboard page the points should be in the first column.

    2. The change between "st" "nd" "rd" and "th" in the rank entry is very disconcerting (and led me initially to think that this was number of threads). I really do not think this feature is helpful in emphasizing that the item is a rank. I know that information hiding is all the rage these days, but why not just the words POINTS and RANK positioned at the top of the left and right sections (in my proposed design in item 1). Of course, correct mouse-overs would help also.

    This feature is also present on the Leaderboard page, where it is totally unnecessary because there are headers for points, rank and rank change.

    David Wilkinson | Visual C++ MVP

    Saturday, August 29, 2015 10:25 AM