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  • Hello all

    I am sorry I am new and I am not aware of where I should have posted this!

    Back in 2005 I got a Dell computer that had a built in WPS word processor.  I used that computer for 10 years!  Yes seriously 10 years that thing lasted, amazing! 

    So I write poems, songs, essays and a couple other formats and during those 10 years I used WPS for absolutely everything.  In 2015 I moved away across the water and I had to ditch my 10 year old Dell! :(

    So I have thousands of saved documents in WPS format and I can't open them.  A year or two a go I got a convertor but it only does a couple of files at a time.  Thing is I don't want to convert them, I would love to just be able to downlaod something that's Win10 compatible. I got one off the app store but it isn't working. 

    Can someone pelase point me to a WPS download that will just work with a click click instead of a load of unnecessary hassle?

    Thanks in advance.

    Sunday, December 9, 2018 11:23 PM