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    By using a capella mixes of songs, it is possible (and lots of fun!) to remake well-known hits (with well-known voices) in the Songsmith style. Yesterday, within the window of the free trial, I made four such tunes. They can be heard here:


    The trickiest part of this was working out what bpm the original vocal had. I used another music program, Ableton Live, to do that. While most a capellas, in my experiences, are not easily or reliably warpable (beat-correctable) because of their lack of rhythmical strictness, it is possible to overlay the vocal over a full version, with beats, of the same tune which has been beat analysed and rounded up to a integer in bpm.

    I did that and then shifted and detuned the acapella until it fitted the full song like a glove. That was then rendered in wav form.

    From there all that was necessary was to find a way of getting the audio in there. I couldn't find a way of re-routing audio from my soundcard's output to its mic input. Fortunately, I had another PC so I just sent the analogue audio of one to the other.

    Thursday, June 2, 2011 8:30 PM


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    I should have said there is bad language in one of these songs, and the accompanying artwork is slightly NSFW. Don't let that put you off though. :^)

    Thursday, June 2, 2011 8:30 PM