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  • Not really sure if any of these have been addressed but I think these will help out a lot of people in the future.  I will give 5 suggestions and then go further into detail afterwards.


    1. Unable to choose which directory default website pulls from

    2. Website is not easily customizeable and requires vast knowledge of ASP and HTML

    3. Cannot change location of files or web site will not work

    4. Ability to add your own domain should be easier and not require the knowledge of how servers work

    5. Photo's should open to image and not automatically download


    1,3,and 4  I should not be forced to use the inetpub directory.  Personally, I feel that just as many people will use this as a web home server compared to what it is currently setup to deploy.  The features that are available make it a very powerful system but with the ability to manage my own domains (i.e. jasonbullard.com) without having to use a Microsoft forwarding website.  This will also give me the ability to create my own directories and have sub-directories as shared folders.  For instance, I could have my index page as anything I wanted.  The user clicks on Login and it takes them to the login.aspx page.  From there once they login and let's say they click on Photos it will then move to the subdirectory photos and this will function in the same way that it currently does.


    2.  Maybe use themes instead of hardcoded pages.  I know it is not that hard but if someone who wants WHS does not know how to do this then they will be at a lost and forced to use Microsoft's standard webpages.


    5.  Instead of automatically selecting for download the image should open or give the option to view/download instead of it's current operation.


    Just some thoughts and if you want more information let me know.




    Tuesday, June 26, 2007 11:55 PM

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  • I don't think the default page was ment to be customized or changed Jason.  I would almost guarantee the intent was for a basic level of functionality out of the box and easy to get running.  Then, the ADD-ON features were supposed to add additional interfaces for website creation and customization.  Remember, this product is meant to be sold through hardware vendors and integrators.  If MS doesn't give these guys a place to make some money and add additional features, they've got no real incentive to push the product.


    If you check the Developers forum here, you'll already see quite a few add-ons for exactly what you're looking for.

    Wednesday, June 27, 2007 1:35 PM
  • Hi,

    Every single one of those points can be addressed by Add-ins. As has been said,  the idea is for Microsoft to build the basic functionality and then either the hardware vendors, or software houses to provide a multitude of extra services and facilities for users.

    I feel it is better for this product to be 'basic & stable', it is then up to others to offer a choice to comsumers of products and services, because as sure as eggs are eggs, if Microsoft implement one particular method of, for example, displaying pictures, some people will scream - 'but why didn't you do so and so?'


    Spend development time on basic functionality and providing the foundation for others, which might well include the 'geeks', to do what they want.



    Wednesday, June 27, 2007 3:09 PM