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  • I've been banging my head against the screen trying to get a very simple
    command script to work and wondered if anyone could help me. Basically I need a Windows command script (or any type) that runs a batch file (writes a message for test purposes) on receipt of a code word on the serial port. I don't care what the code word is, any event on com1 will do. I have tried:

    MODE COM1: baud=9600 parity=N data=8 stop=1
    @echo off
    if COM1 LEQ 2 echo working!:eof
    goto start

    The mode command seems to set up the serial port and I can read from it using:

    type COM1

    but regardless of the value I receive on the serial port (ASCII or raw)
    my message is never displayed. Any help much appreciated.
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