Calls to extensions via AutoAttendant not working Internally RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have the following setup.

    Lync 2010 with 1 Frontend enterprise version, mediation server colocated.

    Audiocodes M1000 gateway connected to PSTN.

    Exchange 2010 with UM.


    If I call the autoattendant from outside the organization I can reach the AA, press 0 to reach operator or dial an extension to reach the person.

    From inside the network if I dial the full E.164 format for the AA all functionality works as above.

    BUT if I dial the AA by the 4 digit extension, I can reach the AA but on pressing 0 it says transfereing to the operator -> a new window pops up in lync client that says transfering to the operator and it just sits ther, no dial tone now hold music or anything.. just silence.

    Instead of a 0 if I dial a 4 digit extension of the user. The UM identifies the User and says "transfering to <username> dial 1 to leave a Voice message" and the same as above happens -> silence.

    If I dial 1 to leave a voice message i can reach the mailbox and leave a voice message.

    I dont see any logs at all for this call in snooper. Thats really strange. If I dial the E164 format from inside I see the snooper logs and the calls are going via audiocodes and everything works fine.

    Any Ideas?


    Tuesday, March 12, 2013 8:22 PM