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    I'm having a lot of trouble when importing my model into XNA from 3DS Max 2010. I'm using a mini program called XNA Model Viewer 4.0 too check if the files are working, whether they will import or not and also too check if the animation is working or not. Here's a link to the viewer, it's a great resource - metlab.cse.msu.edu/xnamodelviewer.html

    The model has been created by another artist and given too me, it is split into 4 meshes so we can swap the meshes out when needed (armour etc).

    I've created the skeleton / rig and am too animate it. First we tried doing it as .X files but that didn't work after many many many tries/iterations & doing things different ways (using controllers too animate vs animating bones directly; using 1 skin modifier on all the meshes vs applying skin to each individual mesh then exporting as one etc) we used both Panda and kW-exporter. Nothing worked there would always be a problem.

    Then we tried as .FBX; this has worked a bit better at least the file loads into XNA. Although it has taken quite a while to get them loaded in, XNA is very fussy it seems to pick up a lot of random information that as an artist i've never cared for and other engines haven't been bothered by. 

    The FBX files i'm working on at the moment works fine in 3DS Max 2010, Unity Engine and UDK but not XNA. 

    I could write a massive essay on what we have been through trying too get this too work.

    However my main question right now is - i have a clean rig and exported the model + bones as .FBX imported into XNA and it worked fine. I've the gone and done some additional animation (started an attack cycle) imported it too test if all was fine and its broken.... the fingers (the bones i'[m assuming) are stretching like rubber. I've literally done nothing but do additional animation. Has ANYBODY come across this before. It's driving me insane. I just want too animate =/. I'm more than happy to share files with somebody if they can help


    Monday, October 15, 2012 1:32 PM