Workflow generated attachment arrives base64 encoded with .dat extension RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    I've created an on demand workflow on annotation that generates an email from the annotation and attaches the attachment from the annotation to the email. 

    This appears to work fine in crm, you can open the email and view the attachment fine. 

    However when the email is sent (either through the workflow or manually) the attachment comes through as a base64 encoded .dat file. 

    Looking at the contents of the attachment the text inside is identical to the base64 encoded string held within the crm database.

    Does anybody know how to change this behaviour?

    Basically I have a custom workflow step that copies the annotation record file details to a new activitymimeattachment record with it's regarding object as a new email record.

    We are using email router to send the email if that makes any difference.


    Thursday, September 19, 2013 10:03 AM


  • Hi all,

    We eventually worked out what was happening here.

    We are dynamically creating the file name from a format string in the configuration. However we found that when we exceeded 34 characters the file was encoded on the other end (below this was OK). However when we tried to send an email normally with a long file name it was OK. So upon further investigation we noticed that the format string we had specified contained a long dash instead of a short one (obviously cut and paste from Word at some point). Once we had changed this, it emailed correctly :-)


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