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    I am new to ASP.NET/C# and have some basic questions regarding UI tools and capability:

    1. Is there a true WYSIWYG editor  to design a page layout that integrates with VS?   I am now using VS 2012 but even for a simple task like creating a page with a Label and a Text Box, I have to tweak the source (.aspx) to set margins, etc. to create separation between the two UI controls. Ideally,  I want to drag and drop UI controls and be able to "design" look and feel as close to 100% on editor as possible and modify source (.asp) only to code the logic for (say) a button click event.

    2. Any WYSIWYG editor that can provide a rich interface? Ideally, I want to use something that is integrated with VS. I am building a prototype with a tight deadline and so I don't have time to learn (say) Silverlight. I do want the UI to look professional enough for demo with business users. Any quick strategy to improve default look & feel of ASP pages with rich rendering would be appreciated.

    3. How do I dynamically create different views? I have a DropDownList  with (say) 5 items on the default landing page. For each item on DropDownList, I want to present a view with unique set of labels, text boxes and buttons. 

    Thanks in advance,


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