News is being wacky RRS feed

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  •  Have a meshed folder. Subfolder inside of it is renamed from "Test" to "Foo". There's no news update for that. It is replicated to the Live Desktop correctly.

    Adding a new folder named "Bar" syncs and posts news as expected.

    The LD News view shows dates. Very useful. The local client only shows "Earlier" and a time stamp. Confused me for a few seconds how a folder was added 4 minutes into the future and then deleted and readded 5 minutes in the future. :)  It happened (almost exactly) 2 days ago. I like the format on LD better. The watermarked date isn't Information Overload, but still doesn't get ignored.

    Also, running FileMon real quick, I noticed that Moe's opening the directory and scanning/polling the files in it for changes. This keeps updating the "last accessed time" on the file. Is this choice for cross-platform portability? On NTFS volumes, wouldn't the USN Journal be a more reliable, faster, less-intrusive way to get these status updates?
    Sunday, June 1, 2008 6:55 AM


  • Hi WillFa,

    The Live Mesh News is something we're working hard to improve, as right now the user experience is less than ideal, as you note.

    In reponse to your second question: You are correct that the current behavior is for cross-NTFS/FAT32 support. In the future, however, we do want to use the NTFS journal.


    Wednesday, June 4, 2008 6:48 PM