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    I would like to ask the following questions for OCS 2007 R2:

    1.       When I first install group chat client, the “Sign-in address” box is empty, does it have any GPO settings to put the default sign-in address into the box with Windows log on user?

    2.       Does it have any GPO settings to modify the “Use my Windows credentials to log in automatically” checkbox inside the Edit Account in group chat client?

    3.       Does it have any GPO settings to modify the “Automatically start when I log on Windows” checkbox inside the Preferences in group chat client, because it is unchecked when it is fresh installed.

    4.       As the name displaying in the group chat client is not consistent, I would like to know any settings to change the name to display under the following scenarios (all AD users are now placed in User container):

    a.       User list at the right side of the group chat console (now displaying Display Name in AD)

    b.      Name under Members inside Manage Chat Room (now displaying user name in AD)

    c.       Name under Add User to Role search list (now displaying Full Name in AD)

    d.      Name under Chat Room Details (now displaying user name in AD)


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    Thursday, October 15, 2009 8:20 AM