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  • Hello,

    We recently try to use Sora to develop extensive time constraint application. Our Sora only has one antenna.

    Here is the basic idea. We have two threads, one is receiving thread and other is sending thread.

    When receiving thread gets packet, it will immediately request the sending thread to modulation and transmit a probing message.

    However, the problem we are currently had is the high latency between receiving packet and sending probing message. For example, receiving thread gets data and notify the sending thread at time T. But the sending thread sees the notification at time T + c, where c is between 1 and 10 millisecond.

    Our goal is to achieve tight synchronization between two threads, as demonstrate in the paper from Mobicom 2012 by Sora team


    Thanks for your time


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  • Hi Muye20,

    The sora thread is designed for this kind of synchronization scenarios. It is not easy to diagnose the real cause of the latency in your real-time system, but it is worth a try. From my understanding, your case is similar to 802.11a/b/n MAC, and you can treat our umxsdrbrick.exe as a reference sample.

    What I can provides are some general suggestions:

    1. You should first find the real cause of the latency. Is it the thread synchronization cost, or modulation time, or demodulation latency?

    2. Take care of the time measurement instructions' cost itself

    3. If the main cause is modulation time, can you provide it beforehand? It is the optimization method used in our MAC implementation.

    4. If the main cause is demodulation time, you should try hard to diagnose the bottleneck in the baseband.



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