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  • I don't know if WinMo 6.5 supports pinch and zoom functionality. But I suggest using another way for zooming. Since not all devices have capacitive screens, zooming without using multi-touch is a good idea. So, it'd be great, if one could zoom in or out by "drawing" a circle(or half of a circle) on the screen. If one started drawing a circle(or half or just something close to a circle) clockwise, he would zoom in, and if counterclockwise - zoom out. And while he actually moved his finger or stylus the app would zoom on the go.  But, of course, for people who moves from iPhone, it is a good idea to support pinch-to-zoom functionality on multi-touch devices.

    Another suugestion - do not give up the stylus support - I think there are people who would rather write notes using stylus than typing them in from on-screen keyboard. 

    By the way, It'd be great if WP7 default on-screen keyboard could provide two input languages, for instance Greek and English. Also, it's a good idea to do words suggestion in all applications.

    Voice input would be a plus, on WM6, we saw Voice Commander app, which was not that bad, but wasn't that good either - that's why people didn't use it much, I guess. Plus, it was fun to see people trying to say to their phones to call somewhere and the phone answering: say it again. So, if people could input texts using their voice, with no problem, that would be an additional stunt to the OS.

    Another thing to add to this list is good integration with Windows Live and with online services in general. Accessing your SkyDrive storage would be cool. Being able to have calendars, tasks and contacts synchronized with Windows Live (currently you cannot sync calendar and tasks with Windows Live, but contacts you can).

    Although WP7 is designed for modern devices with 1GHz processors and fancy graphic cards from NVidia, it would still be good to see stable performance on less powerful devices.

    The last thing I could remember video calls support. With all the 4G and 3G stuff, video calls may become pretty popular, so being able to make a video call from Windows Phone is another good idea.

    I think for a Windows Phone operating system to successfully compete with Google Android it has to offer more features, be more user friendly, be quicker, and many other things Microsoft has to do. Because, Windows costs phone manufacturers money(it is not much, but still $35*100,000 is a big number:-) for a phone manufacturer, isn't it?

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    Thank you for the feedback. I have shared with the the team. I am marking this thread as answered just for tracking purposes but this thread will stay viewable and available for additional comments and postings.


    Thank you from the Microsoft Windows Phone Team
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