Bugs in CRM 2011 demonstrated by SDK Plugin Sample RRS feed

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  • I think I've found at least one (and maybe two) bugs in CRM 2011 UR 12 that is highlighted by the WebClientPlugin Sample from the SDK.  It was making me crazy for a few days so I hope this helps others until MS fixes the problem...

    When you write a lot of data to the ITracingService .Trace function, at some point the trace buffer gets filled up and throws away previous trace statements without warning.  This is proven by the WebClientPlugin sample which writes a trace message consisting of the text, "Downloading the target URI: ", then writes a second trace message which is the result of what it received from www.bing.com.  But once the second trace is called (with lots of data returned as the bing html), the first trace is never written to the download log file!  

    I changed the second trace to just say, "bing request complete" and the log works well again.

    Unfortunately, there is some other bug related to tracing because no matter what I do the trace statements never appear in the "Business Process Error" dialog box as shown in many of the tutorials.  Does anyone know if this is a recent bug in UR 12?

    Thursday, July 11, 2013 5:08 PM