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  • Rob (the Geek) Cooper likes technology and was excited to try out the Opera 9.5 browser release.  

    On June 12, he was very impressed.

    By June 20, he is tweeting on Twitter how Opera won't interoperate with his preferred e-mail and RSS clients, and thinking of going back to Internet Explorer, progressing from first to second, third, and then finally.

    Don't take this as a story about the merits of Internet Explorer versus the Opera browser. In fact, Cooper, in his ongoing explorations, recently applauded the FireFox browser for its utility to him as a developer.

    I think it is important that Cooper sees his experience as a matter of interoperability.  It's not about the underlying technical mechanisms, but the simple desire to be able to integrate use of one product smoothly into others so that movement of his attention from one to the other is facilitated.

    I also don't think that Cooper is typical of the majority of browser users. Cooper demonstrates strong independence and doesn't stay long where the accommodations aren't satisfying. He just abandoned a Spaces Live Blog for BlogSpot as part of his restless seeking.

    Why pay attention to power-user outliers like Cooper? He's motivated and articulate enough to report on his experiences, and that is a rare find. Articulate power users are sources of anecdotal, precautionary stories that may be indicative of a widely-felt but unarticulated discomfort.

    What's your story?

    Monday, July 7, 2008 9:46 PM