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  • Windows 2000 Professional has been out of lifecycle now for over a year, but I know for a fact there are a number of enterprises out there that still run it on their desktops. This can pose a big problem when it comes to something like the changes to Daylight Savings Time that were legislated recently in the US and Canada. If a product is no longer supported by a vendor, yet some feature must be updated for it to continue working properly.

              Upgrading to a newer platform is obviously one answer, but your desktop refresh cycle is of course a business decision not a technological one. Just because a new platform is technologically superior doesn't mean it's economically feasible for your company to upgrade to it when it's released.

              Microsoft understands the economic reality that many companies face, and they've provided several ways for customers still running legacy Windows platforms to address the impact of these Daylight Savings Time changes on their products. One is the tzedit.exe utility, which lets you edit time zone entries for Date and Time in Control Panel, while other methods for fixing this issue such as a registry workaround can be found in Knowledge Base article KB 914387.

              There are also third-party solutions out there for this problem however, and one nifty one is the Windows 2000 Daylight Saving Time Fix, a freeware utility you can download from IntelliAdmin and which is described more fully in their blog posting here. There are probably some other solutions out there to this problem, and if you've found a good one feel free to email me and I'll pass the info on to our readers in a future newsletter. Of course, when it comes to third-party fixes (and even vendor-supplied ones) always apply them in a test environment first before rolling them out on your production network.

    Monday, March 12, 2007 7:35 AM