Need help copying files open/locked by other processes RRS feed

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  • I'm not too Windows savvy - in UNIX it would not be an issue since I could become root and do as I wish.

    But my need is to copy files that other processes have open and I do not want to kill them and I do not have control of their source, so I can't modify them.  I simply want to copy the files they have open by overriding the file locking due to non-shared permissions or actual locks on the file.  There should be a way to override these permissions by some special flags or by becoming a special user, but I've been searching and searching to no avail.

    I would think that backup software is capable of doing this, so I'm thinking there is indeed a way to do it.  Can anyone help me ?  I've tried shelling out to COPY/XCOPY, but no help.

    I'm on XP Pro - NTFS file system.
    Thursday, December 4, 2008 5:08 PM