Gears of war 4 Download is broken RRS feed

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    i never seen a broken store like microsoft ever seems like next internet explorer is here, i have tried to download gear of war 4 like 5 times 

    each time this happened,

    well im running on low internet speed in my country and i have limited download time, however i can manage to download 68+ closer to 70gb for a one run which is starting from 12am to 6am 

    first time i managed to download 68gb and i had to pause the download and start it from next night which is  12am next day so i resume it that night and voila " acquiring licence" and started to download from the


    second time i manage to download 58gb and same thing happened no resume

    third day fu**ed up my system and crashes and pc shutdown no idea how it happened 

    forth day i don't want to talk about it -_-

    fifth day which is today -_- i manage to download 73.33gb and guess what it went more than that 74gb 75gb 76gb 78gb and so on 

    microsoft why cant you make one thing right? if STEAM can do it why the **** goddamn rich company cant manage a download session for once?  

    does anyone else having this situation like me ?

    if anyone have a solution please i need it asap coz i cant loose this 75gb + now i need to use it

    plus i tried help center they came to my pc and checked everything resetting store didn't help at all even the helper stopped and resume services still nothing. 

    can you please please please fix this microsoft this is a big headache, we have to pay over $60 +taxes for this cancer?

    please fix this ASAP

    Monday, October 10, 2016 5:46 AM