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  • Hi,

    I purchased a gateway laptop back in 2002 which came with Windows XP Professional installed on it. On the back of the laptop I have the key for Windows XP and it also says 1-2 CPUs. So, I had it installed on my desktop also.

    My HDD crashed a while ago and I had to purchase a new HDD. I didn't have my Gateway provided Windows XP Pro CD handy and so I used a CD that my friend gave me. I guess that CD wasn't legit and now I am getting the notifications.

    Can you provide me with a duplicate CD or even a kit that can validate my copies of Windows XP. I have a legit license for upto 2 CPUs but since I lost my gateway CD, I can't update my PC anymore. Gateway is going to charge me if they provide me with a duplicate CD and I believe that I shouldn't be paying for something that I already paid for. Any help regarding this matter will be appreciated.


    Wednesday, April 26, 2006 6:40 PM


  • Raj:


    The XP COA (Certificate of Authenticity sticker) on your laptop is a license key for ONE copy of Windows. The (1-2 CPU's) describes the nature of your laptop, as it should be a dual processor core by the sticker. It simply describes the version of Windows you are using will utilize a dual-core and dual processor machine.

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide a duplicate CD or kit without a Counterfeit report or submitted order. I would suggest phoning support for Gateway to attempt to fix your machine, or to reinstall Windows (you may use another CD, but you must use a legitimate license) but with the COA License attached to your laptop.

    Are you sure the Product Key on your machine does not match your COA?


    -Phil Liu

    Wednesday, April 26, 2006 10:23 PM