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  • Right now, my Onecare subscription is expired. It tells me that it has been cancelled, although it hasn't been. I've been trying to use my prepaid subscription disk (1 year each, 3 uses) to renew it, but following the orders doesn't seem to be working. After clicking on "Renew" on the Onecare window and following the instructions, I am asked to enter my product key and then it tells me that I don't need to enter my product key again. It then says that I need to go to "Activate", which I still can't find. Then the entire "Renew" process loops and if I do it again, I'm just sent back to the start after entering my product key and getting the notice. The notice in full is:

    "If you are installing OneCare on a 2nd or 3rd computer or you are reinstalling OneCare, you do not need to use your product key again. Instead, close this browser window, return to OneCare, and click Activate again. On the Sign in page, sign in with the Windows Live ID that you originally used to install OneCare.If you get this message more than once, report it as a recurring problem.
    Message 8059"

    I am not installing it on another computer, nor am I reinstalling it. I went to Onecare and found no options to activate, seeing as it has already been activated. I have no idea how to renew my subscription.
    Monday, December 22, 2008 8:12 PM