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    Windows mobile had a feature I think was great that they removed from the new versions and that was the profiles on my nextel i930 you were able to set the settings in the profile (silent, loud, meeting, etc.) for example if I had my phone on vibrate profile it would do just that and i would feel becuase it's attached to a belt clip or case, but what if my phone is put down on a surface and I put it charge well my profile sais when it plugged in change it to ring which was great because when I take my phone off my hip thats what I put it down to charge. if i put it on a surface and vibrate it can fall and brake iv'e had it happen before. My new htc 8525 doesn't have this feature. WHY? the motorola nokia phones not running windows mobile have it.

    It's suppose to be a windows mobile device which means there should be certain things I should be able to do with out having to install active sync such as using it as a mobile storage device. students usually use public machines and installing active sync is not allowed theres no reason i cant write a document or save a picture without installing a program or plug in. (ipods and iphones allow you to do it take note)

    The next thing is having to stop running programs in the background I shouldn't have to manually do it if I calculated something using the calculator then close the program why is it running the background if i needed it I would of kept it open and sometimes even when its running in the backbround it still takes time to start now i could understand it was running but it's running in the background why is it taking so long. ( its suppose to be a smart device; thats really dumb)

    Tuesday, September 30, 2008 11:01 PM

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  • All great points Datan71 ... thanks for taking the time to offer them.


    Saturday, October 4, 2008 7:09 AM