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  • Last night, I backed up my MS Money file to a zip drive on closing, as I always do. Tonight, I started MS Money from the main file on my hard drive, something weird corrupted the file, tried to restore last night's back-up, received error "e-mail address or password is incorrect". I went to microsoft.com which also needed to reset the password, tried again in MS Money, still doesn't work. I didn't know Money put a password on back-up files & have never needed to restore a back-up before ... HELP!
    Saturday, October 8, 2016 2:10 AM

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  • If the backed-up file has a password, the backup has a password that matches that of the backed-up file at the time. Attempts to change or reset the password will not affect what you need to get into your Money file. You will have to use the credentials in effect at the time of saving the backup. You will not get in without that password (and email address if used) that was in effect.

    If you are saying that you never had a password or Passport or LiveID on the file, then your problem could be a corrupted backup, or there could be a problem with your installation.

    Try restoring your second-newest or third-newest backup. Your file may have become corrupted, and you backed-up the corrupted version.

    Do save extra copies of your *.mny file before overwriting that. It is possible that can be repaired with a level 2 file repair. File->RepairMoneyFile->StandardFileRepair level 2

    You need your credentials, if there is a password or LiveID on your file, to use the repair also.

    Maybe reinstalling Money will help. You must use a version for the same country/region as the version that created the file.  If you don't remember the credentials, I suggest you write down each email address you might have used. Then write down all of the email addresses you might have used. Think of permutations. Keep paper and pencil by your bed in case you think of something to try. Think of all of the places that you may have written down your credentials. Even the passwords for other applications may be useful, since many people will use similar passwords for different applications.

     The password is case-sensitive.

    Saturday, October 8, 2016 4:09 PM
  • Hi, Cal - thank you for finding my posting. I had written a whole page of response to yours above, my cursor flew somewhere and opened another website, and when I back-tracked, my whole posting was gone!!! Gggrrrrrr!!! I think that's what happened the day I lost my file.  I'm using MS Money 2006 Small Business Vs.

    I'm a retired computer systems engineer, so I am religious about documentation and backups. I keep a spreadsheet of all my computer applications, banks, brokerages, etc with their account numbers, security keys, user names, passwords, secret answers, etc and faithfully update changes (often making note of the "from" password as well as the "to"). I make a hard drive backup every time I close Money and a zip drive backup every time I add a large number of transactions (sometimes also daily). Since the online downloads of bank and brokerage transactions for Money 2006 expired in 2006, I always click the "Work Offline" box or the option "I don't need to use online features...". I also keep the "Remember password" box checked.

    Here's the sequence of events, as near as I can figure: 

    I closed MS Money last Friday evening making the hard drive mandatory backup on closing, and also the optional backup on a zip drive, both dated 10/7/2016, hard drive @ 8:01 PM, zip drive @ 8:02 PM. Next day I started up with the main *.mny file, entering several transactions normally, then one that caused a problem. As I mentioned above, I think the cursor jumped around to who knows where, caused the Activity field to become right-justified instead of left-justified, and locked up the screen. I had to ALT-CTRL-DEL to shut down the laptop and restart. MS Money refused to open "e-mail address or password is incorrect". I assumed my .mny file had been corrupted and tried to open the backup *.mbf file with similar result - file was read into Money OK but when opening "password you entered was incorrect".

    Online, I found several postings and threads from others having the same problem, tried several suggestions, none of which worked. One 16-page posting (now archived and no longer updated) recommended 12 Methods, one of which (Method 12) discusses a way to click Password Manager then Remove - that sounds like what I need, but can't find anything on the File menu that says Password Manager. Another posting said he found that the problem wasn't the password at all, but that the file thought it was "owned" by the System, not MS Money. I don't know how to find out if the System thinks it owns my file.

    I'm submitting this now, before my cursor flies away and I lose it all again.!!! :-)    Lydia Smith

    Correction... online downloads for Money 2006 expired in 2008.

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    Monday, October 10, 2016 4:11 AM
  • If your backups are gone, I can only have sympathy for what happened before. Other than searching all of your media for *.mbf and *.mny files using Agent Ransack, I don't have anything useful to suggest for that.

    Money 2006 introduced a nice backup system where the upon-exit and scheduled backups can have the latest 1...99 backups saved with a filename that incorporates the date and time in the filename. The default was 4 of each. The advantage of more than one version includes that if  a file becomes corrupt, the backup would be a backup of a corrupt file.

    I have my scheduled backups go to a USB flash drive that I encrypt. I also have batch files that gather various things, including my latest backups, into a zip file that I encrypt and then put into the cloud (OneDrive).

    I like KeePass as a password manager.

    Anyway, you have a *.mny file and some number of *.mbf files. Keep a copy of those on other media to prevent  problems from some media failure.  You used the security called a Passsport and then  LiveID. This applies to each of your Money data and backup files I think. You think you know the password and email addresses used for the security for them. You now understand that credentials that matter were what was in effect at the time the backup was made. Attemts to change the credentials cannot help but it can confuse things.

    If you ever do get into your Money file, you should remove the current LiveID and maybe put on a conventional password. The password security is good, but it does not use multiple hashes. So it could be gotten into with brute force if enough resources were brought to bear.  There is a utility that can help with that if you know some things about the password. I am not sure how it performs with a LiveID. I have not tried it.

    Regarding things disappearing as you write, maybe make sure the battery on your UPS is good. Some text editors keep a backup as you work.

    On my Sunset Money File menu, the items start with New, Open, Convert Quicken file, and Password Manager. You have to be in the file to make use of that menu.

    Salv.exe is in your Money install folder, and you can also access it via File->RepairMoneyFile->StandardFileRepair You need your credentials to get into the file. It only works on *.mny files and not *.mbf files.

    I am sure that much of what I wrote here is stuff you already knew or even posted. But I was just hoping that something could be helpful.

    Edit... if you know the right credentials, it is possible that the problem could be associated with the Money 2006 installation. You could try installing Sunset on a different (or same) computer  and see if it can read your *.mny or *.mbf files. I cannot think of a disadvantage, and there are a some advantages to Sunset over 2006. 

    Whichever version you use, I would put a Windows firewall block in place to keep Money from waiting
    for some Internet server that no longer exists.
    tells how. It will speed the program start and exit. It would also keep the program from trying to contact the Live ID server that is no longer there.

    Monday, October 10, 2016 12:16 PM