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  • Bought a few mega-guides last year from this company for various certifications for the $1 deal that they do now and again, only to find out to my horror they have put me onto a $2967 training scheme that i never wanted/agreed to. God knows how they have got me tied into this, i'm in the process of taking action against them for numerous attempts at taking money out of my bank for this. If anyone does buy anything off them, please, please be sure what you are getting yourself into first. After googling "Preplogic scam", it seems that they are notorious for getting people tied into "contracts" that they have neither paid for/wanted. I don't know how this company are still operating personally after what i have looked up on them, it's quite a scandal how their salespeople operate with persistent emails/phone calls trying to sell stuff, even when you have told them you are not the slightest bit interested.

    Be careful once again people before handing over bank details with this outfit, you may well find yourself in my position if you're not careful.

    Just a word of advice for you all anyway.
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